OptiVec for Borland C++ 6.3.5: OptiVec: Fast vector and matrix library for Borland C/C++

OptiVec for Borland C++ 6.3.5

Brings the power of vectorized programming to the PC. Replacing loops over data arrays by the hand-optimized, Assembler-written vector and matrix functions of OptiVec can speed up program execution by 2-3 times and enhances accuracy and safety. More than 3500 functions for math, statistics, analysis, signal processing, matrix operations, curve fitting, etc. For Embarcadero / Borland C++ compiler series: RAD Studio, Borland Dev.Studio,BC++Builder.

function, math, linear systems, library, matrix, programming, curve fitting, vector, inversion

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Win32) 2.0: VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Win32) 2.0

Borland CLX for Windows and Linux. - Royalty-free product. This means you have to register VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA for each developer, but not for each user of the application you have developed. Compatibility - Borland Delphi 6.2 - Borland Delphi 7.1 - Borland Delphi for .Net 8 - Borland Delphi 2005 - Borland Delphi 2006 - Borland C++ Builder 6.0 - Sybase ASA 8.0.2 - Sybase ASA 9.0.0 - Sybase ASA 9.0.1 - Sybase ASA 9.0.2 To download

visoco, driver for sybase, database independent, datasets, data access layer, sqlmetadata, unidirectional, dbexpress, database, software

VBto Converter 2.50: Convert VB6 project to .NET, C#, MS VC++ (MFC), C++Builder, Delphi...

VBto Converter 2.50

Software for converting Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 projects (including source code) to MS Visual Studio VB.NET, C#, J#, VC.NET, VC++ (MFC), Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi. Visual Basic forms viewer (.frm, .frx files) and source code analyzer (.frm, .bas, .cls files). The utility of decompiling VB5/VB6-programs

migration, vb decompiler, statistics, event handler, converter vb6, vbnet, csproj, vbproj, dialog, form viewer

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SecureBridge 5.5

SecureBridge is a library of non-visual components for Delphi, C++ Builder, Lazarus (and Free Pascal). SecureBridge can protect any TCP traffic using SSH or SSL.It can be used in conjunction with DACs to prevent data interception or modification in an untrusted network. It is a cross-platform solution for developing applications using various IDEs: RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and Free Pascal) on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux,and FreeBSD.

securebridge, sha1, diffie hellman, inprise, devart, cryptography, integrity, server, ssh2, data protection

CMATH for Borland C++ 6.3: CMATH: Complex math library (cartesian and polar) for Borland C/C++

CMATH for Borland C++ 6.3

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics, both in cartesian and polar format (float, double, and extended precision). The implementation in Assembler ensures superior speed, accuracy, and safety, as compared to other available complex class libraries. All CMATH functions may be called from C or C++. For Embarcadero / Borland / CodeGear C++ (RAD Studio, Borland Dev. Studio, BC++Builder, BC4.0+, Turbo C++).

programming, number, math, cartesian, complex, library, polar

2D DXF DWG CGM SVG HPGL Import DLL 7.2.5: CAD Importer Exporter for MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi/Builder


CadSoftTools presents products line for supporting DXF, DWG, HPGL, PLT, SVG, CGM file formats in CAD/CAM applications. CAD Importer and Exporter SDK (Software Development Kit) are in two variants: VCL and DLL. Two DLLs: CAD Importer and CAD Exporter allows easy to implement DXF, DWG, HPGL, PLT, SVG, CGM support in any program. Demos for MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi/Borland C++ Builder available.

activex, import, hpgl, viewing, autocad, view, loader, export, converter, importer, delphi

Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird 6.5: Native Delphi/BCB direct access components to InterBase, Firebird

Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird 6.5

Borland Delphi 5-7, BDS 2005-2006 (Turbo Delphi/C++), C++ Builder 5-6, Kylix 3, gnat-3.15p, gnat2006 GPL, Borland InterBase 4.x-2007 and Firebird 1.x-2.x. intended for work with Borland InterBase and Firebird using direct InterBase API. FIBPlus combines simplicity of architecture with development convenience that enables to create powerful and effective applications. FIBPlus allows use of all Interbase features and benefits: array-fields, blob-fields

direct, connectivity, access, ibobjects, ibexpress, database, sources, engine, firebird, interbase, delphi

VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE 1.0: VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE is a .Net provider for direct access to ASE.

VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE 1.0

Borland Delphi and C# Builder. VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE implements all interfaces and objects required by the Borland Data Providers for .NET technology, such as ISQLConnection, ISQLCommand, ISQLCursor for basic runtime data-access functionalities and ISQLMetaData, ISQLSchemaCreate and the ISQLResolver interfaces. VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE provides: * High performance data-access architecture * Easy installation and distribution * Extended

provider, visoco, data migration, dataset, dotnet, data, database, software, metadata, sybase

SecureBridge Standard 6.0: Delphi components for network security and data protection using SSH or SSL.

SecureBridge Standard 6.0

SecureBridge Standatd is a non-visual component library for Delphi and C++ Builder. It can protect any TCP traffic using SSH or SSL secure transport layer protocols to provide authentication for client. It is a solution for developing applications using such various IDEs as RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, and now with support for RAD Studio XE4 and NEXTGEN compiler.

network security, data protection, rad studio, securebridge components, mac os x, secure connection, nextgen, ssh2, delphi

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Easy Fonts 3.0

Easy Fonts is an utility for Borland programmers. It converts any TrueType font to the CHR format used by the Borland Graphic Interface (BGI). The conversion is fully automatic and instantaneous. If you are a programmer but not an artist and you don`t want to waste your time creating new BGI fonts by hand, this program is made for you. You`ll throw the old Triplex away!

truetype, converter, fonts